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Burns Night

Happy Burns night


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Policy Papers

Today I’ve been asked to make a new section on the website at work for holding model polices.

Members of HVA frequently look for guidance about developing their equalities policy, environmental policy, health and safety policy etc. Part of the functions of my workpace is to support other organisations in developing such things.

I’ve also been responding to organisations who have been sending PDF posters to Hastings Community News and requesting these are turned into articles. Turning posters into newsletter text is something groups are very capable of doing themselves, so I’m now asking them to do this to help save my time in editing our newsletter.

No idea how much wood has been washed up on the beach today, but I shall stroll down in a minute and have a look.

Interesting new poll on the blog my boss edits ( who should be Chief Executive of Hastings Borough Council ?)

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Keeping the Website Moving

One of my new year resolutions is to add more frequent updates to the website at work and find some more ways that those changes can then feature on other web pages.

Today, I included the Volunteering Opportunities for January and added some plugs on the front page of our site, so we can steer people directly to the new pages.

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Membership things

Dave Wilcox has produced a helpful piece for anyone contemplating why people should become members of organisations today. And helpfully points people towards the Royal Society for the Arts Wiki where the issue of Reinventing Membership is open for all contributions.

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Standing on the sholders of others

Yesterday I was adding new months to our wiki diary. This is achieved without any great feats of visual design on my part, all i do is just lift the script from and replace some of the text. 

Years ago I cottoned on to the fact that designers do this all the time, which is why all their studios are stuffed full of  ‘source books’ to help them with the ‘copy and fiddle’ process. Also,  if you get really stuck for ideas, just nip down to the local bank and pick up some of their leaflets so you can copy them! (you would be amazed what you can do with a bit of Mondrian and a dollop of El Lizzitsky)

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How does this appear in Facebook

Just some quick text to see if my blog text now turns up in Facebook

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