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Enjoying the exacting

Yesterday evening I got back to some indoor climbing again and started to exercise fingers and forearms on the bolted routes at the Bexhill College indoor wall. This is a bit of a broom cupboard but its got overhangs, its dry (unlike the rest of the South East yesterday) and you can do some bolted leading.


Over the past few weeks I’ve missed the escapism you get from concentrating on something as specific as climbing – which always imposes a sort of condition of needing to concentrate on getting a series of small moves absolutely right, while your mind wants to run riot on the consequences of getting any one of them just a little bit wrong.


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Dealing with death

I’m glad to be back at work after a couple of weeks off, following the death of my dad, which was a not entirely unexpected event, though still traumatic for my mum, who has drifted into being his full time carer for the last couple of years.


Both my sister and I live on the South Coast about 100 miles away from Reading , so there has been much travelling and many overnight bags packed and unpacked in the past fortnight. But we’ve muddled through (as most people do) in the endless round of death certificates, post mortem, undertaker, registrar, ministers, funeral arrangements, catering, invitations, ceremony, strewing of ashes, probate applications, building society and bank negotiations, pension adjustments, council tax recalculations etc, etc.


So being back at work feels just fine at the moment because while its important its nothing thats a matter of life and death.




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Back to basics

I learned my dad came out of Hospital yesterday, since he didn’t need any further operations but just ‘flushing through’. Good news for us, but bloody painful for him.


Yesterday I went on a training course in Eastbourne for Information Workers from different CVS across East Sussex and today I’ve been putting some of what we learned into practice. One of the items was about exploring the potential of Google Calendar as a mechanism for creating shared information about training and events across the county. So today I’ve been setting up a google account, building a calendar, knocking up a second outlook calendar and trying out how much we can get for free.


End result:


This weekend I’m going to plant some more spuds on the lottie and maybe go back up to Harrisons Rocks to see if I can shin up the very evasive Niblick

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Bank Holiday Weekend

Its been a bit of a difficult bank holiday weekend. On Friday night my Sister rang to let me know that my Dad was in hospital with bladder problems – this has ended up with him having to have a blood clot removed and be catheterised over the weekend. The problem is that he also has dementia, so he is a difficult patient, who keeps removing all the doctors work and going walkabout on the ward. Visiting him in hospital was challenging but it was good to be able to meet my Mum and drive her to the hospital on Sunday. Mum is in her 80s and is my Dad’s carer, but she is not in a good place herself at the moment – recovering from a cancer operation in the recent past. The odd thing is that having him taken into hospital has been a really good rest for my mother. Anyway, I get to hear more tonight so we shall see what develops, when (or if) he gets to go back home and if any operation is needed.


Sunday evening I drove back from Reading to Hastings and spent Monday on the seafront witnessing a traditional bank holiday motorbike run and morris dancing festival. 




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