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A good weekend

All the June copies of Hastings Community News got collated, enveloped and posted out on Friday, which meant the week ended with the sense of physical satisfaction which comes from identifying a job finished.


In my past life as an elected councillor for Central St Leonards, I remember spending lots of time in the presence of social policy wonks and other politicos, but somehow I never quite gained the same satisfaction from a weeks encounters with people who chewed through ideas for a living that I got from physically doing something myself. Quite why this should be the case has always been a bit unclear – I never felt left behind by what was going on and felt quite able to punch my weight when discussing the heavy stuff – but after about an hour in a room with people who did that sort of thing full time every day, I always had this overwhelming urge to get silly, snooze or do something practical. For many years I worried that this urge was maybe a combination of low blood sugar or poor attention span and it clearly required more intellectual discipline on my part! Being slightly older now ( 47) , I  firstly realise that its perfectly normal and most sensible people would rather not to twitter on in closed rooms for days upon end  and secondly its just that little bit delusional to believe the magic formula for the best way of doing things  is inclined to gestate in that sort of environment.


In between feeding the washing machine, Saturday was spent planting rocket, radish , red mustard and lettuce, transplanting French beans and potting on the tomatoes.


Sunday I went out to play, spending the day climbing on the sandstone outcrops in Birchden Woods. This was with other members of my local climbing club, some of whom were discussing their bus passes and other were discussing the best way to get to the Old Man of Hoy (the things pensioners get up to these days!). A full winter season of indoor climbing practice and dropping a stone in weight has helped me to get up a few 5a / 5b climbs that I don’t think I would have clambered up last year, so with a full summer season ahead I hope to be as fit as the bus pass brigade by September.


June 9, 2008 - Posted by | climbing

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