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A ballanced weekend


I don’t know where the title ‘ballanced weekend’ comes from – maybe its a  mixture of the song Funky Weekend and the Audit Commission methodology of a ballanced score card – who knows.


Anyway, I drove back to Hastings early on Sunday morning and grabbed an enjoyable enjoyable few hours on the allotment. The spuds needed earthing up, I used an old washing line to make some wires for the loganberries to grow on, staked a red current bush – which was listing badly with the weight of fruit – I harvested the seeds of the poached egg plant for next years green manure and removed all the field bind weed from the lavender.


Got back to work and realised that I was in grave danger of missing the date by which we have to reregister our domain name. So I quickly stumped up the cash on-line before someone else bought the name and tried to sell it back to us at a huge profit. Here is a top tip, over the years I’ve discovered that its best to get one company to hold your domain name and another one to provide hosting. That way, if the quality of the hosting gets worse you can quickly get someone else to do this for you and redirect the name towards a new company.


Also uploaded the pics from the Certificate in Community Volunteering Awards Ceremony to our flickr account. I always put pics on the Flickr account because its a presence elsewhere on the web which creates an extra route into  (in the same way that that did) and helps boost our google rating.





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