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Working for the Voluntary Sector in Hastings

Future Charcoal Slump

I’ve been updating some more of our work website today, namely the pages advertising volunteer vacancies.


A few years ago, when I was a skint local government councillor and balancing my time between changing the world and low paid temp work – I started editing web pages by getting a book on HTML from the local charity shop. After this, I just played about by pinched the source code from interesting sites and tried adapting it for the types of pages I wanted – when people are being nice they call this ‘standing on the shoulders of others’. All this has been useful grounding for using web editing software, because no matter what package you use, you always have to go back and ‘unpick’ things that go wrong on pages by reading the code every now and again. In fact I’ve never actually bought any software for web editing and at the moment I use a freebee download called NVU for web editing


And upload pages to our hosting company server using another freebee FTP package from coreftp


The end result is that you can get a useful website on line for about £50 a year.


Cycling in to work today I noticed my ‘local’ Shell garage was deserted and the conversation at the office has started to touch on lack of petrol and how people are dealing with this. My own anxiety presently extends as far as the possibility of a run on 3 in 1 at Halfords, but I’m sure the whole thing will become far more real to me later in the week when I need to go back up to Reading again. And what happens to all the other things that petrol stations sell while this is going on, is there going to be a slump in the charcoal briquette market?


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