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I’ve been fiddling about with a bit of software called ‘SyncMyCal’ this morning.  This is the tool identitied to help all the Councils for Voluntary Service (CVS) in East Sussex to provide one single web based calendar for training and event information.

SyncMyCal is a widget that sits with your Outlook Calendar Toolbars and allows multiple users of a google calendar to update their own entries at the press of a button. Its been possible to upload a single Outlook calendar to Google page as a freebee for some time – without any extra software – but the problem comes when you want to update existing information (because this is when you want some items deleted, some added and others amended).

Now with The final google calendar can be stuck in any web page

The AskCaspar website presently holds a copy of the google calendar which all East Sussex CVS’s will be able to send information too, but it’s pritty easy to past the same calendar into any of the websites of the contributing Councils for Voluntary Service.

I’ve also had a quick go at this on the Hastings Voluntary Action website in preparation for the glorious day.


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