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Ending the Universe on the Right Note

We’ve been having a bit of a discussion at work about the end of the universe, which if you didn’t already know, may be scheduled for this Wednesday. This is the day when the people at CERN turn on the Hadron Collider in search of the sub atomic particle called Higgs Boson. Apparently, the moment the collider gets up to full power goes there is a very small chance that all the energy focussed on a few accelerated atoms fired at one another in an effort to create a ‘beginning of the universe moment,  will also create a black hole. The immensely strong gravitational field will then of course suck everything into it, resulting in the end of the universe.

The first I knew about this was a programme on the telly at the weekend, hosted by the former D:Ream keyboards player Brian Cox,  according to the telly programme he’s not only a keyboard player but also a nuclear physicist and who works on the CERN accelerator!

My work colleagues were naturally quick to grasp a number of perhaps less well considered aspects of all this, showing a particular interest in whether there were likely to be any other big name musicians working on the project, who will also therefore  be playing a pivotal role in the future of the universe on Wednesday.

There wasn’t much doubt that Kraftwerk would be employed in some capacity, since most of them also played keyboards and have a fair amount of technical skills. That bloke from 1970s band Sparks was also a racing cert – well the band is called Sparks so that must help.

On the same keyboards theme Rick Wakeman – already showing proven flexibility as a Countdown competitor  – may well be involved with some of the super conductivity stuff. Don’t forget he has a considerable amount of dry ice experience when staging some of his worst work like all those ice spectaculars in earlier decades.

We were also all in agreement that Mick and Keith have probably taken some time off from the corner shop over the past few years to help bring the project in on time.  Also, if celestial surnames were anything to go by, there may even have been career openings for Keith Moon and Edwin Starr.

So the key question that remains for you to answer is:

Which other musicians would you suspect are ‘moonlighting’ with jobs at the CERN particle accelerator – and what do you feel are the possible implications for the future of the Universe as a result of their role on the project:-)


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