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Back to basics

I learned my dad came out of Hospital yesterday, since he didn’t need any further operations but just ‘flushing through’. Good news for us, but bloody painful for him.


Yesterday I went on a training course in Eastbourne for Information Workers from different CVS across East Sussex and today I’ve been putting some of what we learned into practice. One of the items was about exploring the potential of Google Calendar as a mechanism for creating shared information about training and events across the county. So today I’ve been setting up a google account, building a calendar, knocking up a second outlook calendar and trying out how much we can get for free.


End result:


This weekend I’m going to plant some more spuds on the lottie and maybe go back up to Harrisons Rocks to see if I can shin up the very evasive Niblick


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The Weekend

I didn’t finish putting the copy together for Hastings Community News until about 8pm on Friday night. Not that its a great problem, since over the years I’ve come to enjoy late evening working on publications for print. I think its a habit I developed in the early 1980s when I lived in Reading. While everyone else went out to the pub, I was part of that small band of people who were conviced they could change the world by spending Friday and Saturday night pasting-up, plate making or litho printing some sort of community publication.

On Sunday I visited my allotment to see how the fruit bush cuttings were getting on. I took cuttings of redcurrent, gooseberry and blackcurrent plants in November 2005 and these now need transplanting . I’ve been really surprised at how easy it is to produce new fruit bushes from cuttings. All you do is wait until the leaves fall off an old bush in October / November, then cut a foot and a half of thats years growth off the end and stick it in a bit of sandy nursery ground.  Wait for about a year and a half – until its  grown some roots of its own- dig the cutting up again and plant it where you want it.

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The first frogs of spring

Well I woke up this morning (without a blues song in my head!)

Sorry about that, this morning the wildlife pond in my back garden was full of frogs, already doing what frogs tend to do as the day length increases. Anyway, a facinating half hour before going to work wondering quite where they all come from, since there now seems to be more frogs than pond. Still, I’m glad to see them back since they always give the feeling that spring and Bill Oddie will soon be with us.

Fellow allotmenteers from around the country also seem to be experiencing a froggie February as I checked out my local allotment blogsite Allotments4all

Anyway, back infront of the PC today, picking up some enquiries about people who want to do our new training courses on developing community groups, called The Committee Conundrum. People seem to be picking up on this through our Community News by email service, which I started when I first came into post about 6 months ago. As well as the  savings that Community News by email is providing in terms of stamps, printing and envelopes, its also means we can spend less officer time collating. The other bonus is that people who get Community News by email, get full colour PDFs and we get something in their their email inbox every month (which increases the amount of feedback we get from other voluntary organisations).

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